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Four Lessons In Content Marketing From Coca Cola Journey

Lessons in content marketing from Coca Cola Journey

09 Jun Four Lessons In Content Marketing From Coca Cola Journey

Content Marketing is a strategy that hinges on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to build and cement an audience that will continue to engage with your brand over time.

The idea is that through the provision of advice, engaging stories, and information that is of genuine use to the consumer via marketing arms such as social media, email, and blogging your audience will come to define you as the expert in your field and thus develop into a loyal consumer of your brand.

One of the early adaptors to the concept was Coca Cola. In November 2012 the soft drink giants rebranded their website as a digital media outlet – Coca Cola Journey.

Here are four lessons that their adaption of the style has thought us:

Create Contagious Content:

The spine of Coca Cola Journey’s strategy is to create output that will set fire and spread – or Liquid content as they themselves call it i.e. content that cannot be controlled. They want to share the inner mechanisms of their brand and unleash stories with their audience that will provoke conversations. Coca Cola will then be enabled to act and react to those conversations online 24/7, 365 days a year. By responding to the activity that this content creates Coca Cola Journey is then armed with additional ideas to generate more content for their brand further down the line. This method allows Coca Cola to continuously feed the beast with valuable and relevant content that is being directly sourced through their comment feeds.

Tip: Ideas for output that are coming to your brand through interactions with your own audience and more likely to be reactive and flammable, and laced with viral potential.

Be Bold and Be Creative:

Coca Cola Journey’s strategy for article creation is built around the 70-20-10 70% of their content is low-risk content – this is their bread and butter content that is straight forward and can be produced on auto-pilot mode. 20% of their content is innovative and engages on a deeper level with a specific segment of their audience. 10% of their content is high-risk content meaning they have the potential to be hit or miss. The morale of the method is do not be afraid to think outside the box with 10% of your content. Push the boundaries and try and engage with the audience through different ways and means. Use your data to guide your decisions. Learn from what content generates traction and which content doesn’t in order to discover the wants and needs of your audience. Force fed regurgitation no longer works – your message has to be refined with value and relevancy being key to unlocking a dedicated following. This means closely watching your analytics for what works and examining ways to further fuel engagement and interaction with your audience.

Tip: Do not be afraid to fail. You never know what has the potential to catch fire and go viral. Measure the buzz your content creates in order to keep the carousal moving.

Re-measure Your Measurements:

In order to continuously create content that was of value and relevance to their audience and that would stoke conversation and build engagement Coca Cola Journey developed their own method to measure their metrics called Expression-of-Interest (EOI). This metric was a combination of traditional metrics that included Page Views, Bounce Rates, Read Rates, Time Spent, Sharing, and Commenting. The aim of this was to turn focus away from the traditional Return-On-Investment (ROI) strain that orbited around immediate sales, leads and money, and instead focused on content value and relevance that focused on the wider picture such as building audience trust and developing brand awareness that would lead to sales, leads and money in the long-term.

Tip: By measuring EOI you will be able to produce flexible produce that plays to your audiences’ wants and needs and stay on top of the conversation that matters to your consumers.

Know When To Hold ‘Em, Know When To Fold ‘Em:

Originally every article Coca Cola Journey produced was flushed out through every social media channel linked to their brand in order stimulate maximum web traffic and build engagement on every platform. Eventually though the brand began to isolate stories and promote them through the social media channels that they were suited to rather than carpet bombing them across multi-platforms indiscriminately. An example of this refined method’s success is an interview with the CEO of Coke-owned Honest Tea, Seth Goldman, about his career and future plans. The article got 16 likes on Facebook but over 1,000 on LinkedIn where the subject tone and matter matched the outlet. The lesson is use your channels wisely and provide variety to your followers.

Tip: Give your audience a reason to explore your different social media channels rather than stockpiling the same material in every outlet. Variety is the spice of cross-media marketing campaigns.