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How to Develop your Brands Sustainable Strategy

07 Mar How to Develop your Brands Sustainable Strategy

Sustainability isn’t a trend, it’s becoming a standard business principle and practice.
Being a sustainable business means that you’re taking steps to replace and protect natural resources. By having a sustainable strategy embedded into your business you’re not only helping the planet but helping your business be economically viable, socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Changing the way we do business is essential to addressing the challenges of environmental degradation

  1. Identify the issue

The first step in developing a sustainable business strategy is identifying the issue, take a step back and examine your current business practises and identify the areas that need to be improved, some issues you find might be straight forward such as improving the way you discard of waste or switching to sustainably sourced and eco-friendly materials.

2. Be Transparent

It is crucial to be transparent, transparency transcribes into a highly productive and effective business by allowing business owners to get new opinions and better insights, by being transparent about the impact your products or services have on the environment will help show customers you are trustworthy helping them to make more informed decisions. In-depth information needs to be readily available about how products are sourced and manufactured, how sustainable your materials are and what areas you need to improve or are currently improving. Being crystal clear shows current and potential customers and investors that your business can be trusted. Basically just do what you say you’re going to do.

3. The Benefits

The benefits of focusing on sustainability go beyond just doing the right thing, when correctly implemented a sustainability business plan has a positive impact on many aspects of your business, from employee retention to reducing costs and environmental impact, and can also increase investment in the future. Investing in a sustainability strategy is a good business move. Studio Minti is an Irish company run by designer Lauren Egan who sells preloved clothing, she uses her platform to not only share information about sustainable fashion but to provide personal style tips to help create and maintain a sustainable wardrobe. Laurens goal is to make the fashion industry a friendlier, greener and a more sustainable place. Take a look at Studio Mintis’ website here.

Future success will happen,as you develop the skills and make the right choices for your sustainable business, be it around environment, social engagement, and governance (ESG), by not breaking your system or stakeholder dialogue, but improving performance.

4. Sustainable Strategy

Spending on the Marketing budget is always a tricky issue, as a business you want to spend your money wisely … yeah sure you do!

Spend it on causes you care about, as well as driving effectiveness. That’s where we can help you as Marketers, we will deep dive into the value proposition and beliefs that you and your teams hold dear, but also those very values your customer’s ID with. Why do they buy from you?

Your Brand can pledge to help make the world a better place in some small way, by understanding where your customers stand on issues and working out how you can align your values with them.  Identify your principles and share them. Using different AD formats that encourage a donation at the end of the ad to a charity that your audience connects with. Test new sustainable practices and channels to ensure that more sustainable marketing does not mean less effective marketing.

 Applying sustainability to your business requires change, business leaders need to focus on sustainability and drive execution, strategically plan and develop products and services that produce sustainable outcomes. Sustainability isn’t just keeping consumers happy, it’s about making a change.

We can help you at Meraki Marketing.


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