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The Essential Checklist For A Google AdWords Campaign

The essential checklist for Google AdWords campaign

02 Jun The Essential Checklist For A Google AdWords Campaign

Take the stress out of running a Google AdWords campaign by following this essential management checklist, in order of priority, for operating an efficient and successful Google AdWords campaign.

1984 Your AdWords:

When it comes to Google AdWords campaigns, measurement is key. You do not want to be spending more money on a campaign than you are bringing in from it. Conversions are the most important aspect to measure, at a minimum. This will tell you the number of leads converted to sales. As such, click through rates are also important to keep a leash on. They are one of the most crucial factors in cementing a high Quality Score and they also tell you whether or not your ad is relevant to searchers.

Murder Your Darlings:

Ad Copy is vital for baiting your potential customers. While the right keywords will put your ad in front of searchers without engaging copy you will generate click throughs. Your ad copy must engage and encourage searchers to click through. Write compelling copy that will indicate your unique selling point and provide a hooking Call to Action. Create a variation of ads, test them and then select the best one while continuing to review and refine this ad based on its success rate of click throughs.

Bring Out The Best China:

Landing Page plays a key role in generating sales through Google AdWords. It is not use generating huge click through rates if your landing page does not seal the deal by converting to sales. Land your customers at the right page. Ensure you have a prominent and engaging Call to Action, include contact details, and a completion form or a white paper download.

Do Your Homework:

Target customers based on their geographic region and the device they are using. Therefore it is vital to know your audience. Know their demographics. Where are your customers from? What devices are they likely to use while searching the web? Desktop or mobile? By being able to refine the shotgun blast spread and being able to whittle down your search base, you will increase your conversion rate and spread your ad budget.

Keywords In AdWords Are Key:

Google AdWords have an advantage over Facebook ads in that the audience has already pre-selected itself for your ad by searching for the relevant terms. In a competitive market for keywords though it is important not to put a blanket on all keywords – this may generate plenty of clicks but it is not guaranteed to provide conversions or leads and will spend your budget. Instead use Google Analytics and Google Keywords to identify and determine the most relevant keywords to implement into your strategy.