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Marketing Agency in Waterford Ireland, offering both digital and traditional marketing services. We specialise in helping Irish SME's and offer training and development to groups in all areas of marketing. We manage social media and digital platforms at affordable prices and are experts in growing online audiences through engaging, topical and relevant content. Our mission is to grow our business by growing yours.
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Marketing: Co-ordinating an Integrated Campaign in 9 Simple Steps

Mixing the best of both traditional and digital marketing strategies can maximise your reach

25 Apr Marketing: Co-ordinating an Integrated Campaign in 9 Simple Steps

Despite the continuous growing trends and the difference in methods of traditional marketing versus digital marketing, brands should remember that the fundamental goal of marketing campaigns have not changed: get eyeballs on your business’ products and services. With that in mind brands should create an integrated marketing strategy exploiting both channels to complement their campaign. Today’s audience is an all-engaging media consumer therefore why disadvantage your brand by limiting your market reach.

Below are 9 simple steps in capitalising on the strengths of both traditional and digital marketing whilst running a campaign.

1. If You Build It, They Will Come: Plan a conference, event, or speaking engagement to showcase your latest brand product, services or in-store discounts, offers and giveaways. Plot to use this offline gathering to cement brand awareness and harness an audience that will then both flock online and in-store to stay engaged and up to date with your brand (Traditional).

2. Create Fire: Use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to spread the message, spark interest, and mobilise a turnout for your gathering. Use infographics, video, memes, and gifs to create social media wildfire in attempts to turn your upcoming event viral (Digital).

3. Bring The Rain: Do a leaflet drop to further spread awareness of your gathering. Have in-store flyers promoting the event for browsing customers to take away.  Plaster some up on community noticeboards around your town or village. Include your website and social media information on these pamphlets inviting readers online to a direct landing page with more details on the event (Traditional).

4. Target Your Prey: Use Facebook Ads and Google AdWords for a geo-targeted campaign that will drive customers in-and-around your region to your shindig (Digital).

5. Invite The Paps: Invite the local press to your event for some free coverage in the newspapers or on the airwaves. Create a press kit for the invited reporters and give interviews telling the back story of your brand in order to sell your product or services through human connection rather than a sales pitch (Traditional).

6. Feed And Clothe Them: At the event, as well as having it catered, flog branded merchandise such as jackets, t-shirts, hats, scarfs, wristbands, umbrellas, mugs, pens, or paper-weights that are each decked out with your logo and social media information or email address to drive interest from offline to online after the event wraps up (Traditional).

7. Be Old School: Have business cards at the ready to allow you make direct, personal connections with potential clients and arm them with your details that will further cement offline interest to online (Traditional).

8. The Revolution Will Be Televised: Use social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and Periscope to document your gathering live and in real-time to highlight the event. This will allow people that couldn’t turn up the opportunity to still follow the proceedings online (Digital).

9. Keep Champing At The Bit: When your event is finished, capitalise on the day’s momentum and gallop your brand down the home straight using the powers of social media. Upload a short blog post recapping the successful day’s event. Use Facebook to push video that captured the interest and excitement at the gathering and remind people of the buzz and atmosphere that your brand was able to produce. Use Twitter to directly engage with each person you met and thank them for their time and interest in your brand to solidify the fresh relationship you made with them (Digital).