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Why Content Marketing Is King: Part I

Why Content Marketing Is King - Part I

29 Apr Why Content Marketing Is King: Part I

Part IWhat is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy that hinges on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to build and cement an audience that will continue to engage with your brand over time.

The idea is that through the provision of advice, engaging stories, and information that is of genuine use to the consumer via marketing arms such as social media, email, and blogging your audience will come to define you as the expert in your field and thus develop into a loyal consumer of your brand.


Through content marketing you are revealing to your audience who you are by actively engaging and interacting with them by means of information that they actually want or need rather than just telling them who you are by pitching them products or services through direct advertising.

When developing a strategy you must design output that will benefit a clearly defined audience. In order to be a brand that is consistently offering the kind of ideas and information that consumers actually want you must therefore put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Some questions to consider during this thought process include:

  • How does your brand fit their lives?
  • What expertise does your brand have that will benefit your audience?
  • What type of content will inform, engage, and entertain your audience in a receptive way?

To answer the needs of your audience the content your brand is producing must therefore always be relevant, valuable, and consistent.

Relevant: By answering your audience’s wants, needs, and interests they will see your brand as an expert in its field and turn to you for advice, information, and eventually for products and services.

Valuable: The content you are producing must have something worthwhile in it that will either benefit or resonate with your brand’s audience in order to cement their loyalty.

Consistency: By producing consistent content your audience will come to see you as a reliable and trusted source who is on top of the developing trends in your industry while also becoming instantly familiar with your tone, style and voice. This connection and development will only further their growth of investing their time, and eventually money, in your brand.