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Why Content Marketing Is King – Part II

why content marketing is important

05 May Why Content Marketing Is King – Part II

Part IIWhy Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategy that hinges on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to build and cement an audience that will continue to engage with your brand over time.

Why use content marketing? Simply put, it will benefit your customers, your SEO ranking, and most importantly your brand itself. Here’s how:

Your Customers:

The continuously changing methods of media consumption have altered how consumers get their daily doses of information and as a knock on effect how they interpret marketed messages from brands. While people become increasingly susceptible to out-and-out targeted advertising, the strong urge for information overload remains intact. People will still study and research products online before purchasing in order to compare prices, deals and features before reaching a decision. In order to do this they need valuable, relevant and consistent content. That is where content marketing benefits consumers. Good information enables them to make good decisions. Through this form of marketing you are showing your customers who you are by actively engaging and interacting with them by means of information that they actually want and need rather than just telling them who you are by pitching them products through direct advertising.

Your SEO Ranking:

Google leans its weight toward good content that will supply demand – that its users want and that its users will share. Keeping your blog or website up to date will also positively impact your SEO ranking. Many SEO professionals are predicting that the query deserves freshness (QDF) mechanism in Google’s algorithm will be considered more frequently in the near future so fresh content will become more valuable in determining your SEO position. At the end of the day if your output is proving to be compelling and popular with users Google will keep directing them there.

Your Brand Itself:

By producing relevant, valuable, and consistent content you can organically harvest customer relationships and build a community around your brand without having to unleash the “hard sell” weaponry. By developing your tone, style, and substance as a heavyweight expert in your field you are automatically cementing an organic relationship with your audience that does not revolve around sales tactics but rather focuses on showcasing your subject matter expertise and gaining their trust by highlighting topics that are important to their purchasing decisions. As well as establishing your brand as an authority this will give your audience a reason to invest in you. Content marketing across social media and blogs will increase interaction and engagement and enable you to directly gauge interest, feedback and attitudes toward your brand.