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Why Your Brand Can Benefit From Snapchat

Snapchat has soul and can help exposure your brand to a younger audience

07 Apr Why Your Brand Can Benefit From Snapchat

Snapchat, despite conception in 2011, is a social field that is still yet to be fully invaded by marketers. Meraki explains why your brand should bring the battle to this fertile market and catapult your business out from the crowd:

Targeted Demographic:

Snapchat is largely dominated by 18-34 year olds which means this much sought after demographic is waiting to be shot up like fish in a proverbial barrel. Unlike on other social media networks, where you would have to pay for your content to specifically target and reach this digitally in-tune demographic, on Snapchat they are the only audience at the party. Therefore, Snapchat is shark bait for marketers looking for instant and immediate targeting of Millennials.

Explosive Engagement:

Snapchat has a highly charged and active user base that is carnivorously consuming content. According to a Financial Times report between June and November of 2015 Snapchat views per day tripled to 6 billion – repeat, 6 billion! In January 2016 Fortune magazine reported that that figure had already climbed to 7 billion views per day!

That figure is still shy of Facebook’s 8 billion video views per day but one must take this into account when considering the deficit: Facebook automatically plays videos in your newsfeed without you clicking on them and logs it as a view if the video rolls for three seconds or longer – therefore the figure of 8 billion views per day can be considered somewhat tainted. However, Snapchat’s photos and videos have to be clicked to be seen and the network only counts these actively engaged user views in their log. This means the figure of 7 billion views per day convincingly towers over its competitor’s numbers in a chest beating, skyscraper climbing, King Kong-styled proportion.

Snapchat Has Soul: 

The culture of Snapchat is important to remember when attempting to project your brand through the app. It was designed to be fun, it was designed to be creative; it was designed to be human. Your end product is under the time constraint of 24 hours. You cannot upload any stock photos from your phone. You can only capture the moment in time. The drawing feature gives you free rein to inject your personality through the app.

Therefore, shine that mirror back on your brand and use Snapchat to reflect the personal and approachable side of your working environment. Showcase the real intentions and message of your business and treat users to a backstage pass of the real vibes behind the closed doors of your company!