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3 Simple Ways Periscope Can Bolster Brand Awareness

The Revolution Will Be Periscoped

07 Apr 3 Simple Ways Periscope Can Bolster Brand Awareness

Periscope is a live broadcasting app that was purchased by Twitter in February 2015 for €100 million and rolled out to the public one month later, taking only 11 days to reach 1 million users.

The app allows users to stream live content to audiences basically granting brands their own real time broadcasting system directly from their mobile phone. Followers can interact with the live stream by instantly sending comments or by tapping their screen to send a “heart” that will float upon the right hand side of the broadcast. The app records live streams so videos can be archived into reviewable episodes.

As of yet Periscope is a largely unsaturated market by brands but here are three simple methods that can kick-start your brand’s introduction to “Live TV”.

Take Questions From The Floor:

Host Live Q&A sessions with your followers to discover and discuss their needs in your sector. Their insight will enable you to tweak your brand to their demand and also allow you to showcase your experience and exhibit yourself as an industry expert through insightful discussion. This feedback is crucial free knowledge in helping to build your brand awareness. Use the information gained from your consumers through Q&A’s as material for blog posts to preach to the rest of your followers to solidify your climb to a leading industry expert.

Periscope and Chill:

Use Periscope to enable your viewers to “sit in” on real time interviews or discussions with market influencers or other brand relative peers. Allow your viewers’ questions and responses to steer and direct the interview or discussion to maximise their benefit from the one-on-one exchange, therefore further driving engagement with your brand and hammering home your brand’s association with the tag of leading market expert.

The Revolution Will Be Periscoped:

Bring your viewers smack bang into the action by streaming live events. This will enable your viewers to experience the pre-event build up, sample the atmosphere, and soak up the event as it unfolds before them. Bring them backstage for a behind-the-scenes look, introduce them to guests and speakers, and get their feedback on how the event played out. By streaming how you run events and cope with the pressure of how your event plays out to a satisfied crowds you are once again furthering the awareness of your brand as a dominant heavyweight in the field.