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Marketing Agency in Waterford Ireland, offering both digital and traditional marketing services. We specialise in helping Irish SME's and offer training and development to groups in all areas of marketing. We manage social media and digital platforms at affordable prices and are experts in growing online audiences through engaging, topical and relevant content. Our mission is to grow our business by growing yours.
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Video is beginning to dominate the digital marketing scene
Why Video Is Taking Over Digital News

An interesting development is materialising in digital news - video is cannibalising the field. Digital outlets such as Buzzfeed, Mashable, Slant, Salon, and Gawker - once...

Facebook Is Still Bad Ass in 2016
Why Facebook Still Matters In 2016

They haven’t gone away you know. Facebook marketing is much more than generating Page Likes. Take a look at why Facebook will still be swinging...

Instagram is tipped to grow 15% in 2016
5 Reasons You Must Market on Instagram in 2016

Bare this statistic in mind when contemplating implementing Instagram into your social media strategy. According to a recent infographic shared by Adweek, people remember 80%...